First State Investments has agreed to acquire the ferry route Helsingborg-Helsingør

Stena and Scandlines have today signed an agreement for the sale of the ferry route Helsingborg-Helsingør to a European infrastructure fund managed by First State Investments.

The route Helsingborg-Helsingør has been operated in a 50/50 joint venture between Stena and Scandlines. At the end of January 2015, FSI will assume the operation of the route, initially with support from Stena Line and Scandlines. The five vessels operating the route are all included in the agreement and the route will continue to be marketed under the name Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingør.

All employees in Stena Line Öresund AB and HH Ferries A/S, companies owned by the Stena Group and included in the transaction, will continue on the same terms and conditions on the route as before the transaction. Customers will not experience any changes in the operation of the ferries compared to today.

Within the ferry business Stena will continue to focus on developing its 23 routes and 40 vessels and the strategy to grow within the freight and passenger business to improve financial results.

“The competition on Öresund is fierce and we are convinced that both customers and employees will benefit from a single owner on the route. With their expertise and experience from 20 years of infrastructure and transportation investment, we are convinced that FSI will be a supportive, long term owner of the business. Within Stena Line we will continue to focus on our core business with longer routes and the Ropax concept where we can offer transportation solutions and logistics services to freight customers and value for money products and services to our passengers”, says Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO Stena Rederi and Stena Line.

Marcus Ayre, Partner at First State, said: "We are delighted to have reached an agreement to acquire the Helsingør-Helsingborg route that is a vital part of the transport infrastructure of the Öresund region. Representing primarily European Pension Funds with a long term focus, we look forward to working with the employees, management and local community to ensure its continued success and stability.”

9 January 2015

For more information please contact Erik Lewenhaupt, Head of External Communications Stena AB, +46 (0)704 85 51 88

For more information from First State Investments please contact Steffen Lüders, +45 26 72 80 50.

Unique district heating connection to Stena Danica inaugurated

Press Release
Gothenburg, 1 December 2014

Today, Monday 1 December, Stena Line, the City of Gothenburg and Göteborg Energi inaugurated the connection of the district heating network to the Stena Danica. This is the first time a ship in regular service has been connected to the district heating network. This connection means a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in Gothenburg of about 500 tons per year.

"Stena Line is working consciously towards creating the environmentally-friendly shipping of the future and we are a world leader in this area. Already today, at the heart of central Gothenburg, we can run a business with minimal environmental impact, by connecting our ships shore power at the two quays as well as a number of other sustainable initiatives; for example, we are going to test methanol as a new fuel. Thanks to the district heating venture, the business is made even more sustainable in the long term. The possibility to combine logistics, industry and housing in central locations is modern social planning at its best, and this is what makes Gothenburg unique," Stena Line's CEO, Carl-Johan Hagman, says.

The connection to the district heating network is one part of the EU Celsius project, an initiative within Smart Cities, which is under the leadership of Göteborg Energi together with The City of Gothenburg. The aim of the project is to spread knowledge about the opportunities for district heating to other towns and cities in Europe, including what is required to take advantage of the waste heat that is not used today.

"Gothenburg has a first-rate district heating network. We now have the opportunity to spread the experience and expertise, which we have built up over many years, across Europe. The connection of the Stena Danica to the district heating network is also a good example of the way the City can jointly act with players in the private sector, such as Stena Line, to find solutions that contribute to the development of a sustainable Gothenburg," says Kia Andreasson (MP), Chairman of Göteborg Energi's Board of Directors.

For more information, contact:

Jesper Waltersson, Head of Communications Stena Line
Mobile: +46 (0) 704- 85 85 32

New joint Maritime Centre of Learning & Development opened

Oct 22, 2014 Scotia House, Clydebank

The Maritime industry has well defined programmes to enable seafarers to develop their careers to the point where they become senior officers. The minimum requirements to reach that standard are defined by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Many companies go no further than the mandatory level of training however within Chevron and Stena one of the critical areas has been identified as the need to enhance seafarer training further and to enable both companies to identify at early stage individuals with high leadership potential. To support this goal with enhanced training specifically tailored to company requirements the conclusion was that a new training centre should be built incorporating sophisticated simulators and specialised training facilities that best met operational requirements.

After negotiations had been completed and scope of building was agreed the ceremonial ground breaking ceremony was undertaken in November 2013 and in August 2014 the building of the centre was completed and handed over to NMM.

The Opening Ceremony took place on 22nD October. The centre was jointly opened by Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO Stena Rederi AB and Mike Carthew, President, Chevron Shipping Company. As a symbol of the importance of this milestone for Northern Marine and the wider Stena Group, William Olsson joined the opening ceremony and participated in the formalities of the event.

Both Chevron Shipping Company and Stena officers shall be using the training centre in the future. Simulators shall be used for training of officers, regular competency assessment of officers, Command Assessment of Masters and pre-employment competency assessment of candidates at interview stage. Training equipment in the centre includes the following:

  • 2 x ECDIS Ltd Full Mission Bridge Simulators with Bridge Wing simulation
  • 6 x ECDIS Ltd Mini Bridge Simulators
  • 1 x L3 Full Mission Engine Room Simulator with ER Walkthrough & Emergency Switchboard emulation.
  • 6 x L3 Part Task Trainer PC Based Engine Room Simulators
  • 1 x Labtech International Ltd Commercial Refrigeration Trainer Model: RCO-CRT-C
  • 1 x MAN B&W 50-98ME Engine Control System Simulator
  • 2 x Fluid Power MF100 Series Hydraulic Simulators
  • Video Conferencing Suite
  • Training Supported by Smart Board Technology

The establishment of this centre demonstrates the continuing spirit of partnership and cooperation between Stena and Chevron Shipping Company. The two companies have a long history going back to 1992 when a number of Chevron/Texaco vessels were technically managed by Northern Marine Management. Since 2002 Northern Marine Manning Services has had the crew management contract for Chevron Shipping Company vessels. Northern Marine Manning Services now manage over 1300 sea staff on 25 vessels for Chevron Shipping Company. The responsibilities include recruitment, training, learning and development, logistics and payroll.

For further questions please contact

Murdoch MacDonald
Commercial Director
Northern Marine Group Ltd
Tel. +44 141 876 3000
Mob.+44 7789 630060

Stena Line drastically reduces emissions with the world's first methanol ship

Press release 2014-11-19

One of the world’s biggest ferry companies, Stena Line, becomes the first operator in the world to run a large 1 500 passenger ferry on methanol, drastically reducing emissions compared to today’s standard fuel.

Stena Line has decided to convert one of its ships sailing between Gothenburg and Kiel to methanol propulsion. The 240 meter long ferry Stena Germanica will be the first ship in the world to run on methanol in early 2015. The project is done in co-operation with the leading engine manufacturer Wärtsilä, the port of Gothenburg, the port of Kiel and the world’s largest methanol producer and supplier Methanex Corporation.

Stena Germanica will be converted at Remontova Shipyard in Poland starting January 2015, the process is expected to take six weeks and is financially supported by the EU “Motorways of the Seas” initiative. Total project cost is about Euro 22 million. "At Stena Line we are extremely proud of contributing to the development of our industry. Our focus has always been on innovation for the benefit of both customers and society at large and this is a prime example when this goes hand in hand. We are constantly evaluating different fuels for the future and to be first in the world with a methanol conversion is a big step towards sustainable transportation. The project has been possible thanks to the great teamwork and collaboration between our technical staff, Wärtsilä and Methanex”, says Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO of Stena Line.

Wärtsilä has developed the new engine conversion kit and ship application in co-operation with Stena Teknik. The engine will be dual fuel using methanol as the vessels main fuel grade but with the ability to use MGO (Marine Gas Oil) as backup. Methanol is a clear, colorless biodegradable fuel that can be produced from natural gas, coal, “biomass” or even CO2. Methanol plays a key role in the energy sector as a clean and cost competitive alternative fuel and energy resource. By using methanol the emissions of sulphur (SOx) will be reduced about 99%, nitrogen (NOx) 60%, particles (PM) 95% and carbon dioxide (CO2) 25% compared with today’s fuel.

From early 2015, vessels in the area around the Baltic and North Sea, known as the SECA area, will have to use fuel with very low sulphur content of 0.1% (today the fuel restriction is 1.0%). Most common is MGO which will be about 40-50% higher in price compared to HFO (heavy fuel oil) which is being used today. In parallel with the change to low-sulphur oils, Stena Line is running a number of projects to look at other alternative fuels and different techniques for emission purification such as LNG, electric propulsion and scrubbers.

"Due to our size we have a broad perspective on handling the new sulphur regulations and it is likely we will use some different types of solutions in the coming years. However, based on the results of the methanol project we are intending to convert additional ferries, says Stena Line CEO Carl-Johan Hagman.

Methanol has the potential to be an important fuel for the shipping industry in the future. The emissions are similar to using LNG but the need for infrastructure is much less and handling is simpler. Since 2005 Stena Line has worked to reduce its environmental impact within its Energy Saving Programme, which has successfully reduced vessel energy consumption by on average 2,5 % every year.

"It is a project that involved several companies in the Stena Sphere, which makes it very special for us. Stena Line, Stena Teknik, Stena Bulk, Stena RoRo and Stena Oil have all been involved with their respective areas of expertise. This internal collaboration made this possible. Naturally, adapting and converting Stena Lines fleet of some 40 ferries to the new regulations in the near future is a very tough task which will both take time, effort and money", says Carl-Johan Hagman.

Stena Germanica

LOA: 240 meter Built: 2001

Cars:300 Passengers:1 500

Lanemeters: 4 000 Engine: Wärtsilä 8ZAL 40S MD with 32 000 horsepower

For more information, contact

Jesper Waltersson, Head of Communications Stena Line

Tel. +46 (0) 31 85 85 32 or +46 (0) 704 85 85 32.

Erik Lewenhaupt, Head of External Communication, Stena AB

Tel +46 (0) 31 855 188 or +46 (0) 704 855 188

Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs) or Emission Control Areas (ECAs) are sea areas in which stricter controls were established in IMO to minimize airborne emissions (SOx, NOx, ODS, VOC) from ships as defined by Annex VI of the 1997 MARPOL Protocol which came into effect in May 2005. The new Sulphur regulation which comes into force on 1 January 2015 requires that ships must use bunker fuels with sulphur content below 0.1%, or use cleaning techniques to comply with the sulphur cap. The European SECA includes the English Channel, North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Stena Line is one of the world’s largest operators of ferries, RoPax and RoRo tonnage. The company operates about 40 vessels on 23 routes within Northern Europe. Stena Line is developing new intermodal freight solutions by combining train, road and sea transportation and is a large part of the European logistics network. The company was founded in 1939, is family owned and headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Stena Line is part of the Stena Sphere with around 20,500 employees and a turnover of 8 billion USD.

Stena and Sonangol launch a world class maritime training facility in Angola

Press release 2014-08-27

On August 27th 2014 the Centro De Formação Maritima De Angola (CFMA) was officially launched by top management from Sonangol, the Angolan public sector energy company and the Stena Group. The CFMA is the first maritime training facility of its kind in Angola and the most modern maritime campus in Africa.

The centre will be an internationally recognized centre of excellence, linked through Stena to leading maritime institutions in Europe and Asia in order to deliver marine education, training and certification to Angolan seafarers in order to satisfy Sonangol’ s and Angola’s future requirements for marine expertise.

Stena and Sonangol are already co-operating through the Stena Sonangol Suezmax Pool, which since 2005 operates a pool of Suezmax size crude oil tankers (today 23 vessels) from four offices worldwide. In 2008 a second unique partnership was formed to design and build the centre. Lecturers will be sourced from the maritime faculty of City of Glasgow College, one of Europe’s foremost maritime training institutions.  They will ensure compliance with the highest maritime academic standards and lead CFMA to develop Angolan STCW certification and support IMO ‘white list’ accreditation.

The maritime campus is built on an imposing green field site of 70 hectares close to Sumbe on the coast approximately 360 km south of Luanda and is completely self-contained. Up to 200 students per year will have the opportunity to study at the centre, starting with one year in Angola and a second year in Glasgow.

"The development of the Maritime Training Centre has been a natural step for Stena in our close relation with Sonangol where education has been one of the fundamental questions since we started our Joint Venture through Stena Sonangol Suezmax Pool," says Erik Hånell, CEO Stena Bulk. “The investment in the project by Sonangol and Stena will ensure the long term success of the project, and will also bring added value by employing people from the surrounding area, and therefore contribute to the local economy” adds Erik Hånell.

Stena’s Northern Marine Management led the project management team responsible for the design, build and pre-operational phase of the CFMA, and delivery of the state of the art Campus. 

About the centre

Important milestones

  • Formation of AMTSL, a Stena/Sonangol Joint Venture company specifically formed to design and build CFMA – November 2008.
  • Construction General Contractor Mota – Engil was appointed on 17th May 2010.
  • The City of Glasgow College contract was signed on 19th August 2010.
  • Laying the Foundation Stone Ceremony 6th April 2011.
  • Full completion of campus works December 2013.
  • First intake of cadet trainees on Sunday 19th January 2014.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Hånell
President and CEO, Stena Bulk
Phone: +46 31 855 002
Mobile: +46 704 855 002
Kevin Slade
Director, Northern Marine Management. Head of the CFMA Project
Phone: +44 141 876 3030
Mobile: +44 7789 630030

Stena summarises the 2014 edition of Stena Match Cup Sweden

Press release 2014-07-11

Stena has, for the fifth consecutive year, been the title sponsor of one of Scandinavia’s largest sailing competitions, Stena Match Cup Sweden - an event with world class sailing, entertainment and activities for all ages. This year it was also the 20th anniversary on Marstrand island off the Swedish west coast and well over 100,000 spectators were on hand during the week.

This year's line-up with fourteen teams from around the world was very strong and during the week we were treated to many exciting competitions, which finally got a thrilling resolution with Swedish victory. Team Bjorn Hansen took his third consecutive victory while “Stena Sailing Team” skipper Johnie Berntsson unfortunately did not reach the quarter finals this time.

For Stena, which has its roots in Gothenburg and which also carries a large part of their core business at sea, the sponsorship of Stena Match Cup Sweden is an obvious choice. Stena contributed to the event throughout the week in Marstrand and organized a number of seminars for guests showcasing various innovative parts of our business. Also, Stena Recycling was responsible for cleanliness of the island.

During the week of competition, there were also M32 catamarans and a special Junior Cup paving the way for new talent. A highlight of the week was the recurring “Childhood Race” in which celebrities participated for charity. This year there was an unusually large number of celebrities on the spot and a sizable contribution will be submitted to the World Childhood Foundation.


Stena Match Cup Sweden 2014 under way

Press release 2014-07-02

The world’s top match racing crews are gathered, and the starting line-up includes four Swedish home favourites who will be battling to reach the finals at the weekend. Stena Match Cup Sweden is the year’s great sailing event with around 100,000 spectators expected over six days.

Stena Match Cup Sweden which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year is the second of seven stages in the Alpari World Match Racing Tour, the World Cup in match racing for men. The regatta began with a Round Robin phase in which all teams met each other in individual races, and the eight teams with most victories and points proceeded to the knock-out stage. The teams that go through then meet in the best of five races, in quarter-finals, semi-finals and then in the final on Saturday.

The 14 teams competing at Marstrand include four Swedish teams. Johnie Berntsson and his Stena Sailing Team have never got beyond the quarter-finals at Marstrand, but they are aiming higher this year.

“We want to stay in the competition as long as possible, come further than we have ever done before and reach the semi-final. Once we’re there, anything can happen. We’ve been sailing at Marstrand for many years, and we’re aware of what we’ve done well, but also the things that have let us down. If we’re at the top of our game, we can beat all the teams in line-up,” says Johnie Berntsson.

Starting line-up for Stena Match Cup Sweden 2014
1. Ian Williams (GBR)
2. Björn Hansen (SWE)
3. Phil Robertson (NZL)
4. Keith Swinton (AUS)
5. Taylor Canfield (USA)
6. Francesco Bruni (ITA)
7. David Gilmour (AUS)
8. Mathieu Richard (FRA)
9. Johnie Berntsson (SWE)
10. Magnus Holmberg (SWE)
11. Ed Baird (USA)
12. Nicolai Sehested (DEN)
13. Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN)
14. Viktor Ogeman (SWE)

Stena AB’s sustainability report for 2013 is now available online

Press release 2014-05-12

Last year was the first time the Stena AB group published a sustainability report. Today the second and latest report is available to download at Sustainability at Stena is essentially based on three pillars:

  • Financial responsibility, with the aim of contributing to economic development.
  • Environmental responsibility, where the goal is to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Social responsibility, where our fundamental approach is to act ethically in everything we do.


The sustainability report can be seen as a supplement to the annual report which focuses primarily on the economic value creation . In the sustainability report practical examples and key indicators are presented to show how Stena takes responsibility for the societies were we operate, both from an environmental and social perspective as well as financially.

Download the report from the Sustainability page here

Questions regarding the report or ideas for next year’s report can be sent to Emma Aaben, CSR Coordinator at Stena AB. Email: emma.aaben (@)

Stena AB presents its 2013 results and Annual Review

Gothenburg, April 29 2014

Stena AB (publ) increased its EBITDA by 11% to SEK 8.0 (7.1) billion for the full year 2013. Income before tax was SEK 2.1 billion (1.7). Investments for the year totalled SEK 7.0 billion, and were primarily related to upgrades and new orders for drilling units, investments in new vessels and ferry lines, and wind power and property. Based on care, innovation and first-class performance the operations continue to expand.
Some highlights:

  • Stena Line continues to improve its EBITDA in a highly competitive market. Freight volumes rose by 15%, during the year, with 7% of the increase attributable to organic growth. There was a continuing focus on increasing capacity utilisation and reducing costs while maintaining quality.

  • Stena Drilling has successfully signed new contracts for the fleet of rigs and drillships. Current contract coverage is very good. The fleet delivered an utilisation rate of around 98% with a continuing focus on safety. During the year orders were placed for two new drilling units from Korea, with an option to cancel one unit.

  • In the tanker segment, Stena Bulk continued to outperform the spot market on a daily basis. 2014 sees the start of deliveries of the first IMOIIMAX vessels – a series of in-house designed product tankers built for special load-flexibility and fuel-efficient operation.

  • Stena Property has invested in new construction during 2013. The company continues to develop a long-term portfolio of attractive rental units and workplaces in locations that include Houston, Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala.

  • The investment company Stena Adactum continues to show growth through its six subsidiaries and two associated companies. The subsidiaries' revenue amounted to SEK 6.5 billion. In wind power, 52 new wind turbines were commissioned during the year, bringing the total in operation to 86, with a further 10 turbines scheduled in 2014.

  • The group had approx. 17,000 employees at the end of the year.

Stena AB's full Annual Review for 2013 can be read or downloaded here.

Stena AB's sustainability report for 2013 will be presented at the beginning of May.

For further information, contact:
Staffan Hultgren
Deputy CEO
Stena AB
+46 31 855 000 / 855 148

Stena AB is one of the largest family-owned groups of companies with businesses worldwide. Stena AB is active in ferry operations, shipping, offshore drilling, property, finance and investments. Stena AB has over 17 000 employees and a turnover of SEK 30 billion. Stena AB, Stena Metall and Stena Sessan together form the Stena Sphere.

Unique logistics solution to be launched soon

– The investment is expected to have a positive effect on both the environment and on Swedish imports and exports


Due to its advantageous geographic location, Verkö Harbour in Karlskrona links Sweden with countries in Eastern Europe and further south. A unique cooperation initiative between three of the leading transport and logistics operators on the market, Stena Line, Green Cargo and Logent, is now streamlining the logistics chain to and from Eastern Europe. The aim of the investment is to boost Swedish exports and promote local business in the country.

In partnership with Logent and Green Cargo, Stena Line is making significant investments in tailor-made logistical solutions that will transform Verkö Harbour in Karlskrona into one of Sweden's most important transport hubs. Implementing an intermodal solution that exploits several modes of transportation has been under discussion for a long time, but is now becoming reality with the refurbishment of the terminal's railway link.

While Stena Line provides the link between Karlskrona and Gdynia in Poland, Green Cargo has rail terminals all over Sweden and across the border in Norway. Logent is responsible for port and combi-terminal logistics, which add value in terms of packaging, collection of goods etc.

Logent will function as the interface between sea, rail and road in this solution – an invaluable link in the transport chain. For Green Cargo, the investment in the Verkö Harbour in Karlskrona signifies an expansion of its operations to east and south east Europe. The possibility of combining different types of carriers on the train makes the solution both environmentally friendly and cost-effective and is intended to reduce road traffic in the future. Another positive effect is that the solution will offer more local companies all over the country alternative transportation options to meet increasingly tough environmental standards.

Karlskrona Baltic Port is jointly owned by Stena Line and Karlskrona Municipality, with Stena Line as principal owner.

"Connecting the railway with our Pan-European network of 23 sea routes gives our customers an efficient and flexible logistics solution. With our collaboration partners in Karlskrona we can now offer an extremely strong product We have an unwavering commitment to expanding our network, and our experience from similar projects in Europe indicates that the project will reinforce Karlskrona's position as a modern transport hub in Scandinavia", says Björn Petrusson, Group Freight Director at Stena Line.

For more information, contact:
Janine Sjöö, Stena Line Communications Manager, tel. + 46 (0) 704 85 85 51, or e-mail

Stena RoRo heads construction of the world’s largest charity hospital ship

Press release 2014-03-14

Recently, the international charity Mercy Ships signed an agreement for the construction of Atlantic Mercy (working title), the world's largest civilian hospital ship. Stena RoRo is engaged as project manager. The vessel, an investment of more than $ 100 million, will be built at the Chinese Tianjin Xingang Shipyard and delivery is expected by July 2017.

Atlantic Mercy will serve across the world with approximately 9-10 month-long stops in each port. On board there is room for 154 patients and 600+ crew and medical staff. There are six surgery rooms for both medical care and educational training. The intention is to increase cooperation, training and education for health care personnel in the countries where the ship is active. The total deck area is approximately 30,000 m2 and the vessel is equipped with a school and kindergarten.

Since 1978 Mercy Ships has been engaged in health care with hospital ships.  Since 2007 the Africa Mercy has served in the world's poorest countries and this new ship will more than double their capacity to help those in need.

"We are extremely proud to be involved in this unique project. It is an initiative out of the ordinary where our flexible ship concept will be very useful" says Per Westling, Managing Director of Stena RoRo.

Development of the new, well equipped hospital ship is done in cooperation between several Asian and European companies. Besides Stena RoRo as project manager, Finnish company Deltamarin is responsible for developing the vessel design. The ship is being built at one of China's largest shipyards, the state-owned Tianjin Xingang Shipyard and Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) in Geneva is the appointed shipbroker.

Atlantic Mercy will be based on Stena RoRo’s in-house RoPax concept “Stena Seabird”, certified as a passenger/cargo vessel for long international voyages with 500 passengers.

The hospital vessel will be classed by Lloyd's Register and fly the Maltese flag.

Africa Mercy, the existing vessel, is currently based off Pointe-Noire, Congo-Brazzaville. A report on Mercy Ships activity was recently shown on CBS "60 Minutes"

For more information, please contact:
Per Westling, Managing Director, Stena RoRo
Tel: +46 31 855154

Stena RoRo is one of the leading innovators of the roll on/roll off cargo and passenger concepts. Our products include vessels such as RoRos and RoPaxes.​ ​The company charters out a number of vessels to first-class operators all over the world and the clients are found both within and outside of the Stena Sphere. Stena RoRo are highly skilled and experienced in designing and converting vessels, combined with a unique knowledge of the market, to create tailor-made solutions for their demanding customers. This is called Stenability

Facts and figures for the Atlantic Mercy

Length: 174,10 m
Breadth: 28,6 m
Draft (design): 6,15 m
Gross tonnage: 37,000
Deadweight: 4.500 ton

Stena RoRo’s flexible RoPax concept “Stena Seabird” has been modified from a RoRo/Passenger vessel to a pure passenger vessel.

Examples of measures that have been taken:

  • The interior layout has been completely rearranged
  • The cargo handling equipment has been changed
  • The ventilation system has been adapted
  • The propulsion system has been adapted, i.e. diesel-electric is used instead of diesel-mechanical propulsion
  • The hull shape has been optimized

The vessel is equipped with 4 medium-speed diesel engines, waste heat boilers and silencers.

Bunkering is done with 4-6 months interval.

Provisioning (food, supplies, medicines, etc.) is supplied by the use of 2 x 40 foot containers every week.

The vessel is equipped with cranes for lifting aboard provision and cars used for land transport and other equipment.

High standards of performance for vibration- and noise levels have been met.

Hans Norén appointed Managing Director of Stena UK from 2014

London 16 September 2013

Hans Norén has been appointed Managing Director of the Stena UK Group. He will start in January 2014 when he leaves his current position as president of Concordia Maritime AB.

CEO and Owner of Stena, Dan Olsson, comments:
UK is becoming more and more important for our shipping activities. As chairman of Concordia Maritime I have worked with Hans for many years and I know that he besides good governance will bring vast and in depth knowledge of the shipping industry and financial markets to the UK group.

Deputy CEO of Stena, Staffan Hultgren, comments:
Today we have over 30 vessels flying the UK flag and I am convinced that the positive development of the group will continue as Hans now is joining.

Stena UK Group consists of a number of companies primarily involved in vessel leasing business with both external and Stena internal customers. Stena UK Group has grown significantly over the years and has today total assets of GBP 2.5 billion

Staffan Hultgren, Deputy CEO, Stena +46 31 85 51 48

Sten Allan Olsson 1916 – 2013

Gothenburg 12.07.2013

Stena's founder, Ship-owner, entrepreneur and family man, Sten Allan Olsson has passed away at the age of 96 years old. He leaves behind his children Madeleine, Dan, Stefan and Christofer and their families.

Sten A. Olsson was one of Sweden's greatest entrepreneurs of all time. He was born in 1916 on the island of Donsö, in Gothenburg's southern archipelago. His childhood on Donsö was marked by close family feeling, responsibility, thrift and diligence, something that would characterise his personality and life. Sten A. Olsson's father, Gustav Olsson, was a major role model for his son. By the time he was 27 years old, he had bought a schooner, on which he was the master. And thus was born the young Sten Allan's dream, one day he would run his own business. The seed to Stena's success story was sown.

The first step was to get an education. He attended both Ljungskile Folk High School and the commercial college in Gothenburg. After various traineeships, and just 22 years old, he started his first enterprise, the trading company Sten A. Olsson Metallprodukter. Sten A. Olsson had a rare feeling combined with a talent for business. This, combined with hard work, thrift and honesty, made the business flourish. What had started as a small company in the scrap industry quickly grew under Sten A. Olsson's leadership. The shipping company was started in 1948 and during the 1950s it was operating 12 owned and 12 chartered freighters in costal traffic. Today, the Stena Sphere is a successful group of companies with operations spread all around the world.

Sten A. Olsson was not the type of director to sit on his laurels, far from the operations. Quite the opposite. He managed the businesses with a firm hand and worked hard and goal-oriented. 1962 was a crucial year in Stena's history. This was the year when Sten A. Olsson entered the passenger ferry business, on the Gothenburg-Skagen route. This was the start of Stena Line, which has grown into one of the world's largest ferry companies.

The original operations, today in the form of Stena Metall, have continued to grow and today they constitute one of the Nordic countries' largest recycling companies; Stena Fastigheter is one of Sweden's largest private property companies; Stena Bulk together with Concordia Maritime account for Sweden's largest tanker shipping business; Stena Drilling is Sweden's sole Swedish controlled business carrying out off-shore drilling for oil. Many other enterprises within the Stena Sphere, thanks to Stena A. Olsson's fundamental values, have remained successful and profitable.

So today, the Stena Sphere is one of Sweden's largest family owned groups of companies with more than 20,000 employees and a turnover of around SEK 60 billion.

As a businessman, Sten A. Olsson was innovative and known for taking decisions relying on his intuition combined with thorough and rapidly completed practical analysis. He was not afraid to go his own way and he had the courage to take difficult decisions. One of his mottos was: "Don't let setbacks get you down, get back on track. Fly low and far."

Nor did Sten A. Olsson forget where he came from and he kept his ideals from his upbringing on Donsö throughout his life. His leadership style was characterised by a practical philosophy: "You are never better than the information you have gathered." Which is why he could often be seen on the quayside talking to both customers and employees. For Sten A. Olsson, family and work was always centre stage and he had an engaging approach to his success and fame. For Sten A. Olsson, doing profitable business was both his work and his interest and sharing his successes through donations to charity and foundations was very close to his heart.

In connection with Sten A. Olsson's 80th birthday in 1996, the Sten A. Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture was founded. Through the foundation, the Stena A. Olsson family provide support to research and cultural activities, mainly in Gothenburg and western Sweden. Over the years, donations have been made to Chalmers, the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, the Art Museum, Göteborg Opera and Universeum.

A man with creative force has left us, but his lifework lives on. Or as Sten A. Olsson would have said: "As long as we live every day in the present and for the future, our journey will never end."



Gothenburg 4 July 2013

We are delighted to announce that Stena AB has a new website. Here you can read about all of our activities, business areas and companies within the Stena Sphere and view great pictures and videos. The launch of the new website offers quick and easy access to essential information on everything you wish to know about Stena. We hope you will enjoy new

Press Contact Information

Stena AB
Erik Lewenhaupt
Tel: +46 (0) 31 85 51 88
Mobile: +46 (0) 704 85 51 88

Stena Line
Jesper Waltersson
Tel: +46 (0) 31 85 85 32
Mobile: +46 (0) 704 85 85 32

Stena Metall
Jörgen Andersson
Tel: +46 (0) 104 45 22 17
Mobile: +46 (0) 722 05 84 64

Stena Fastigheter
Elise Berggren
Tel: +46 (0) 752 41 50 14
Mobile: +46 (0) 702 01 60 30

Stena Main office
Tel: +46 31 85 50 00
Fax: +46 31 12 06 51