CEO Comments



That’s a theme for all our companies. Luckily there are good examples from devoted people taking the extra step to make our clients succeed with their objectives. One of my favorites is about one of our employees, who when a recently wed couple’s car broke down without hesitation lent his own car to the couple and thus enabled them to fulfill their plans for their honeymoon.

Two more business oriented examples are the cooperation we enjoy with our clients Chevron and Total. Our attentive ship-management based on safety-first paired with cooperation in the field of safety and sometimes unique ship-designs has generated many pieces of business also in the daily markets of oil-transportation resulting in resilient supply-chains. In effect we try to add value in everything we do. It is about taking responsibility for our Customers’ success, our Employees’ success, our Partners’ success, our Business success and our Societal success. The prosperity of today’s world has not only been built on capitalism. It is the interaction between taking responsibility by many and capitalism that has created such fantastic results in increased living standards.

New investments

With new investments, we believe, we have secured our ambitions to be the leading in quality and the quality assuring partner for the future. Again we have invested SEK 10 billion in new assets. The biggest is of course the Stena IceMAX the sole drillship in the world capable of drilling in icy Arctic waters. With a five year contract of employment with Shell, we are convinced this unit will be a success.

The quality of our operation remains high

Customer satisfaction remains high in Stena Line with 53% highly satisfied customers despite the past years major changes with introduction of new tonnage. Stena Drilling’s customer satisfaction rate has never been higher with decent compensation based on fulfillment of KPIs. There have never been so few observations, so few outstanding maintenance points.
Our management company Northern Marine Management is down to only 4 observations of any kind per tanker inspection and our lost time injury frequency rate is down to 0.32. Stena Fastigheter has continued to improve itself with further 0.4 points in the industry’s “Satisfied Customer Index” to become one of the best private actors. Stena Bulk’s earnings in relation to index and their competitors have never been better. This is to some extent thanks to modern and efficient tonnage.

Prioritizing customers’ success

With our employees prioritizing customers’ success I feel fairly confident we can achieve our objectives. As times develop for the moment short term business success is paramount. However, I am grateful how everyone is adjusting in cutting costs and making things simpler. Keeping customers’ satisfaction up and reducing costs, while at the same time caring for each other and every detail in the operation is quite a task and I am very proud of the way everyone is contributing. Thank you and thanks to everyone supporting our business!

Dan Sten Olsson
CEO, Stena AB